February 2, 2018 8AM to 1PM (Breakfast will be served)

Medici Media Space 2065 Walton Rd, Overland, MO 63114

We want you to win at networking!!!

That is why we have brought together the best of the best in leadership, organizations and speakers in our area to interact with you. Connectors Circle is not an ordinary conference. It is about making changes in your world while you are in the room! And yes you will also leave fired up and ready to take on the world! Our goal is to get you to better

Come join us for the first ever conference designed to turn your networking world around. Know Your Profile. Choose Your Team. Our goal is to change the level of respect, acumen and results that we are getting in the marketplace. It all starts with us. Explore more about your networking personality, who belongs in your immediate network and what three of our networking organizations are your best fit.

1) Each participant will be given a 30 page networking personality profile assessment.

2) Fireside Chat Q&A with the largest networking organizations in the metro area.

3) Learn the 7 action items used by Master Connectors.

4) Meet the author of “The Room is Better Because I’m in it.”

5) Make new connections.

Join us February 2, 2018

Connectors Circle Conferences 2018

Too many of us are frustrated and tired of the poor performance and results that we are getting from networking as it exists. 

It's time that we did something about it. It's time that we changed the system and removed the stench from the word. 

There is only one way to do that. Change our approach. That change starts with one and eventually another. 

Connectors Circle Conferences is designed to bring business people together for that purpose. 

Our inaugural conference on February 2, 2018 "Know Your Personality. Choose Your Team" will assist us in finding out more about who we are in 

the marketplace as individuals through a personality assessment  and a road map to choosing your inner circle and organizations that fit. 

Your Host

Sean Hayes

1st Keynote Speaker: Art Snarzyk

In management and and hiring since 1996, Art spent years in corporate America and another 9 as the owner of a successful painting company. He knows first-hand the hassle, expense, and headache of trying to hire quality employees.

Let him introduce you to a scientifically tested and proven way to attract, hire and retain the best people for your company.  You’ll no longer need to rely on intuition, skewed references, and subjective work history to make your hiring decisions.  The best are out there and you deserve them!

Art will be providing a 30 page personality assessment that will help is navigate the networking and business world better by knowing who we are and who we organically work and communicate well with. 

2nd Keynote Speaker: George (GW) Slaughter

George (GW) Slaughter is the Founder and CEO of St Louis Web Pros an innovative web design company and Quantitative Networking Solutions a networking education consultancy. Both businesses are located in the Greater St Louis area. George developed a strong background in sales and marketing. He launched his first company in 1999 Accu-Right Appraisals a real estate appraisal company in Atlanta, Georgia. It grew very quickly. After experiencing the devastation of the large economic downturn George moved his family to his hometown of St Louis to start again. His intention was to stay in the workforce and retire. After less than 24 months on the job the entrepreneur inside him became restless and he jumped off the cliff once again. This time into the digital world of online marketing. Over the last 9 years George has built one of the more recognizable brands for himself in the metropolitan area. He has accomplished this through networking and volunteer-ism. His goal now is to share his ideologies and techniques with others through his writings, coaching, speaking and consulting. George has authored two books. The first, a novel “Fazed” which awaits a 2018 release. The second “The Room is Better Because I’m in it - The 7 Habits of a Networking MVC” is now in print. George is the father of 4 awesome adult children, loves to golf and wants to travel the world His goal is to play golf in all 50 states and on the 6 weather tolerable continents. George’s message is very clear and very simple “Giving from the heart is its own reciprocity”

Fireside Chat/Audience Q&A Panelists

Saba Asgedom


Lori A. Kelling

West County Chamber

Lori A. Kelling has worked in the Chamber field for over 10 years and has been the president of The West St. Louis County Chamber of Commerce since 2008.  Her passion is bringing people together so they can grow their business, expand their network and share their passion with others….in a warm and welcoming atmosphere.  In 2014, she was honored by Small Business Monthly as one of the “Top 100 St. Louisans To Know to Succeed In Business”.  It is her goal to see the West St. Louis County Chamber of Commerce support the businesses in our area and be a driving force that will continue to make our region thrive.

Mich Hancock


Mich Hancock is the dynamic CEO of 100th Monkey Media, a company focused on creating quality human connections and interactions for B2B and B2C clients through social media.

Mich is also the co-founder of TEDxGatewayArch, an innovative and thought provoking organization that brings TED Talk experiences to St. Louis. She interviews TEDx speakers and St. Louis movers and shakers on her popular MichMash Podcast and is a sought after speaker, delivering workshops and seminars for organizations around St. Louis, including the Olin School of Business at Washington University.

Brian Goldman

Northwest Chamber

After being involved with this chamber since 1999, being on the Board of Directors for over 9 years, and even serving as Chairman of the Board, I have switched to the other side of the table. It is an incredible opportunity to be in charge of the same organization that I have put so much time and effort into help building. Keep a watchful eye on the Northwest Chamber, you are going to see some amazing things.

Former President and “Business Person of the Year” for the Northwest Chamber of Commerce and current Board Member. Former “Small Business Person of the Year” and Current Board Member for the Maryland Heights Chamber of Commerce. Former “Coach of the Year” and “Volunteer of the Year” and Current Board Member for the Edward Jones Family YMCA.

Specialties: Sales & Marketing, Special Events, Fundraising and Putting a smile on your face.

Dan Luigs

Mastermind St Louis
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Brian Lunt

Medici Media Space

Brian Lunt is an up-and-coming serial entrepreneur. Brian recently launched Medici MediaSpace, a membership-based collaborative space in St. Louis, Missouri dedicated to building and growing businesses, cultivating an abundance mindset and developing processes that enable people to be part of flexible, but disciplined projects. Medici helps connect and support the next generation of entrepreneurs and media, innovators and artists by providing industry resources, mentorship, workshops and special events within a collaborative co-working space that includes photography, audio and television studios.

Brian and his family live in Kirkwood, MO where he is active in his community as a member of the City of Kirkwood’s Citizen Finance Committee and a trustee for his subdivision. He also helps coach his son’s baseball and soccer teams. When he isn’t working on one of his projects, Brian can be seen working on his lawn and garden or spending time with family and friends

Cynthia Correll


Erin Williams

Ofallon (MO) Chamber

Virginia Muzquiz

BNI Mid America

Tyler Mathews

Venture Cafe

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